Monday, October 27, 2008

As moving day approaches

We're moving on Wednesday, in case you haven't heard. Though I think anyone within a 20-mile radius should know already, as I've been shouting it from the mountaintops. In the words of Lightning McQueen, I've been stuck in Hillbilly Hell. Get me out of here. It can't come soon enough, and all that.

So we found a great house in Santa Ana that I absolutely love, and I'd tell you all about it, except that it's for sale and I don't want you to buy it, because maybe I want to buy it myself next year. Maybe. Depending on how the economy down here is looking. It is a great house, though, in a great location.

The thing about moving that sucks majorly is the moving process itself. The acquiring of boxes, the filling of boxes, the getting sick with the flu and lying in bed for days while wishing boxes would pack themselves, the packing of boxes two days before the moving truck arrives. Ah, moving. We've done it so often (9 times in the past 8 years, not including moving from California to Costa Rica), that I think we could do it in our sleep.

Today we spent two and a half hours (yes, you read that right) getting our cable and internet stuff worked out at CableTica. Turns out that when we canceled our last CableTica service, they didn't actually cancel it, and wanted to charge us like $150 for three months of service that we weren't even in the house. Including some pay-per-view movies (and we have never used pay-per-view!). F that, is what I said. Esposo worked it out, and we got a new service without paying all that old nonsense. But he did have to sit there for more than an hour arguing with the customer service guy, then arguing with his manager. I have to hand it to him, though, he did it. And I think that in a week or so we will have cable and internet at the new house. Hooray.

As I was going through things, figuring out what to throw away, what to pack, and what to donate, I found some old photos. This one isn't too great, but it is really special. These are my girls, Lucy and Mable. I have very few pictures of them together where May-May isn't sick (even in this picture, though, you can see that she's blind in her left eye). This was taken during better days. I miss these girls so much. You know how you have one special dog in a lifetime, that dog that would do anything for and for whom you would do anything? Lucy was that dog. I loved her (and still love her) so much.


  1. Ohhh the girls!!!! I miss them too!!! I remember when you and Miss Lucy first found one another. She was a fantastic gal. May-belle (or as I liked to call her "bat-girl" because of those ears) was such a sweetie too. They changed my views on little dogs for ever... Now to get Brap to agree to a Pug in our family ;)

    Moving sucks but LOOK at the house you are getting!!! Seriously!!

  2. Hi!! I´m Wendy from Costa Rica, I was learning english for that reason if I make a mistake sorry, ok? I was looking for information about "quilt" and I saw something in your blog, I really wanted to know if you know someone who can help me, why? because I want to learn how make quilt...I consider that its something really beautiful, I appreciate your help. Thanks and I´ll be waiting for your answer...
    By the this is my e-mail: //

  3. Hi Wendy! There is a quilt guild (in Spanish mostly, though several of the ladies speak English) that meets (I think) the first Tuesday of each month at the Catholic church in San Pedro. You can find out more about it at El Costurero in Guadalupe, where they also have quilting classes. Good luck; quilting is a lot of fun and not too hard once you get started! (I actually taught myself, because I didn't know anyone else down here 8 years ago who quilted, so it can be done!)

  4. Hi
    I am a retired teacher living on 3 acres with our big house and need a lovable, good sized dog.
    Web have 2 cats.LOVE ANIMALS!!

    Dana & Kel Owen

  5. Hi Dana! We got almost all of our dogs off the streets, so that's usually my first suggestion to people! A rescued dog is a wonderful dog. There are also shelters where you can adopt a dog. Try:
    AHPPA in Heredia:
    Pets y Mas group on Facebook (See the photos for adoptable animals or post a message; they always have animals for adoption):

    There are other groups as well -- maybe I need to make a whole post on rescue organizations in Costa Rica?

  6. Just saw this on the Pets y Mas group:
    Se busca casa URGENTEMENTE para estas dos perras. Estan en la calle y hay gente que las quiere "ir a perder" en estos días porque se molestan por su existencia. Las 2 estan castradas, vacunas, son super obedientes, cariñosas y cuidadoras. Deben de darse juntas pues me indican que son madre e hija y han estado juntas desde siempre. Al 83691863 con Graciela Arguello, Mil GRACIAS y de verdad es urgente, puede ser casa cuna mientras se encuentra una casa definitiva. Estan acostumbradas a andar sueltas, una finca grande puede ser una opción!!!!

    Sounds like one or both could be a good fit for you? Let me know how everything works out!