Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Want a real Halloween pumpkin in Costa Rica?

I saw some today at Pricesmart. They were 6,000+ colones, or around $11. Each. Oh, and AutoMercado has them as well; around $13 each over there. And none of them was a really nice, big, round, unblemished Halloween-y pumpkin.

Ouch. I'm thinking pumpkins are not so expensive in the States. Of course, they have to ship them from there to here, so you should expect to pay exorbitant pumpkin prices here.

You can buy a watermelon for a couple bucks, paint it with orange poster paint, and carve that, if you want to save a few bucks. I might do that. Or carve a papaya. Actually I've seen friends do just that. You could carve pinhead.

If you're looking for something political to do with your Halloween pumpkins this year, Associated Press has some ideas. Otherwise, enjoy this small bit of pumpkin humor.*

Why you should not leave alcohol around your Halloween pumpkins.

*Sorry, I don't know where this photo came from or who took it; it was one of those silly things that gets sent around the internets and forwarded and forwarded on into infinity until it finally found its way to my inbox. If anyone knows who took this pic, I'd love to give them credit, because I think it's pretty freaking funny.


  1. Hi Raven!
    Pumpkins are $2.50 each here and that is in Canadian dollars !!!

  2. Definitely a bargain by Costa Rica standards! :-) Actually I did see this afternoon that AutoMercado has lowered their prices to 4,000 something, or around $8. Still a bit much if you ask me (and they don't look too great!).