Friday, October 10, 2008

She lost

Did anyone else out there watch the Latin American Idol finale last night? We did, of course (me for previously stated reasons, esposo because he was hoping the Costa Rican girl would win). I have to admit, I think the Costa Rican girl, Maria Jose, was a lot better than the Panamanian girl, Margarita, but Maria Jose didn't win, despite esposo's sending of not one but two text messages to vote in her favor. Oh well. It's all kind of silly anyway, since a lot of people seem to vote on who they like best, not on who is the best. That asshole guy from American Idol always says it's a popularity contest, and I would have to agree with that. I mean, not that I watch American Idol or anything! [cough, cough] I am pretty sure Maria Jose will do just fine without winning.

And Beto Cuevas was, as usual, hot. Do not listen to Chris when she says he has a Rick Astley thing happening. Hmpf.

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