Friday, August 10, 2007

Hawaiian Quilt Show

I have always thought Hawaiian quilts were incredibly beautiful. They remind me of how you make a paper snowflake, only much more intricate and tropical. Today I had my first chance to see some of these quilts up close and personal, at the Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norte Americano. The show "Two Tropics, One Quilt" is running through August 22 over in San Pedro, so if you're here, stop in and see it. They really are even more impressive in person. And the entrance is FREE! Here are a few photos from the exhibit:

I was too lame to get the names of all of the quilts and quilters, but this one was made by Mary Cesar (as were quite a few of the quilts in the show).

Another amazing quilt from Mary Cesar.

This one was my favorite of the show.

Just to put in perspective how large these quilts are -- that's my 3-year-old in the corner! And don't forget, the entire quilt is made by hand! Wow.

If you want to see more photos from the exhibit, head over to my Flickr set here. Enjoy!

p.s. My son was standing in front of one of the quilts, and looked at me with that evil grin -- you know the one three-year-olds can have? -- and said, "I fart on a quilt! hee hee hee..." So bad...!

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