Thursday, August 09, 2007

LOLCATS in my own house

You have seen the LOLCats. You cannot resist the allure of the LOLCats. The LOLCats has drawn you in, the LOLCats has taken over.

So inspired by the LOLCats wuz I that I made my own photo from this shot of Kitters aka Olivia Siobahn Finnoula P.G. in LOLCats style:

Do you have LOLCats at ur house? I bet u do. Uh o I haz lost teh ablity 2 rite propr.


  1. OMGZ we so hav R LOLZ cat..

    we submitted peekshure even but notz on there yetz...

  2. where pikshur iz? must C UR LOLcat!!! send linkz, plz...