Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Please stop giving my child sugar!

I know the ad campaign for giving our kids sugar so that they'll have energy to make it through the long, tough day that is childhood is in full swing, but damnit anyway -- I would really appreciate it if the freakin' Costa Ricans would stop handing candy out to my kid! Yes, he's cute, and yes, he's a blond anomaly in a sea of brown-haired, brown-eyed people, but why the HELL don't people ask you before they hand your kid a sucker (lolly for you Brits) or a piece of taffy? Why? Because it's culturally a given that children should have sugar from the time they start eating "real" food. Costa Ricans start their kids on candy early, and soda pop as well. And let me tell you, there are a lot of fat, unhealthy-looking Costa Ricans running around this country. I'd prefer my son wasn't one of them. My kid, at 3, is already starting to get cavities, partially because I breastfed him for 2.5 years, but also because he had his first piece of candy at around one and a half from the girl at the store down the street, who just handed it to him without even bothering to ask esposo or myself. And today we went out to have lunch at one of my very favorite spots. My son is at that "I can do it!" age, so I let him take my credit card up to the counter to pay the bill. The waitress though he was sooooo cute, that he must need a lolly. Damn, woman, thanks for asking! I certainly couldn't take it away from him (ever tried to take candy from a kid? the screaming commences not long afterwards). I just wish people would have the consideration to ask first, and not assume. You know? I'm more than a little irritated.


  1. Ack!!! whatever you do keep him away from FLOURIDE at any cost.. (see my blog for info on that evil "mineral"). It took FOREVER for my family to stop giving jonny soda/candy.. I had to "program" him with the fact that sugar was bad for him and would basically rot his brain (ok ok so auntie told a little fib but still!!) he told me at his birthday party (which was at Happy Hollow Zoo, rembmer that place *grin*) that he was mad at Grampa because he always wants to give him candy or soda and he feels bad having to tell him no thanks but he knows it's not good for him.. SUCH the smart one he is :) I"m sure Colin will do fine... you could just tell him the same thing I told Jonny "you know sugar will rot your brain and then you won't be able to (insert momentous thing here)" I told him he wouldn't be able to get into college and become the first Palientologist President of our country...

  2. The water isn't fluoridated here, but I am trying really hard to get him to stop sucking on his toothbrush and actually brush his teeth. It's harder than one might imagine! And yes, the ideal would be for him to just learn to say "No, thank you." Remember growing up your parents telling you never to take candy from strangers? I mean, what are people thinking! I might start telling people he's diabetic or something, and then they will think twice (hopefully) before giving the next kid candy without asking his parents. Grrrrr....