Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dream jobs

You probably thought I was going to write about the election results, didn't you? Ok, ok: I'm extremely happy that Obama won the presidency, thrilled that CA Prop. 2 passed, and quite disappointed that it looks like CA Prop. 8 is going to pass as well. Why religious beliefs should be allowed to dictate civil policy and deny civil rights I will never understand. Here in Costa Rica, where Catholicism is the official religion, I can understand it. But not in California.

Anyway. I was talking to a friend tonight about working. Perhaps both of us are feeling a little mid-life... not crisis, exactly, but maybe questioning is a better word. As in, What am I doing with my life? Her husband has a possible job opportunity in the music business. Without even knowing what the job is, I told her it sounded fantastic. It wouldn't matter to me if someone in the music biz -- small label, major label, radio station, whatever -- wanted to hire me as their secretary, I would totally do it. Because I just love music. The best "job" I think I ever had was being a DJ on a public radio station, unpaid. I did it for five years -- the longest-running late-night show in the station's history! -- because I loved it so much. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

In fact, esposo interviewed for a job yesterday, and told me afterwards that the company is going to have a full-time DJ. My immediate reaction was, did they hire someone already? Because I'd totally want to do that. But they already had.

I was telling my friend that my dream jobs would be anything in the music industry, and anything in magazine publishing. I would love, you might be surprised to know, to work at a fasion mag like Vogue or Elle or something. Again, hire me as a secretary, I wouldn't care! Along with five years as a DJ, I have another five years as a magazine editor. Granted, it was a magazine with rather small circulation numbers, but I think that should translate into a decent position somewhere in magazine publishing. It was another job I loved, and the pay totally sucked, but I did it because 1) I was bored at the time and needed something to do, and 2) editing a magazine is really a dream come true.

Right now, I am courting the idea of getting a job in Costa Rica whose title does not include "Mommy." It doesn't have to be a full-time job; in fact, part-time would be more up my alley, so that I could continue to do freelance writing jobs that come around. So if anyone out there reading this needs a magazine editor, DJ, or something else that sounds fun and interesting, call me. Along with a majority of U.S. voters, I am due for a change. (You see? I did get around to writing about the election after all.)


  1. love the blog... happened upon it after searching for info on living in colon and turned up a pretty fun post on your blog ...anyway, please let me know if you are willing to share more info on the expat life with child in tow. i'm applying to university and wondering what it might be like if 1. i get accepted and 2. if i bring my family along for a year.

  2. Thanks so much! I actually think having a child here is wonderful. My son is four and was born here, so I don't really know what life would be like for us if we'd stayed in California. Life is definitely slower-paced her, and kids don't seem as caught up in having to have the "next greatest toy." For me also, having a baby was nice because I found it really difficult to make Costa Rican friends, but I happened into a playgroup for babies and toddlers and all of the expats there were so awesome, I'm happy to call them my friends now. They saved me, to be honest! The cost of living is lower here in general than in the States, which often means one parent is free to be a SAHM/D or work part-time without worrying too much about making ends meet. I probably could not have done that in California. And? Costa Ricans love children, so you don't feel like you're stepping on someone's toes when you take them out to dinner or a movie. Good luck!

  3. hi raven...i meant to leave my email so that you didn't have to post but it looks like it worked out that you just replied here! great to know what your experience has been with your son! if we do end up in costa rica i might check in with you again to see if you have any getting localized resources to share. and if i ever get back to blogging i'll send you a link to mine. again thanks for shedding some light on adventures in costa rica w/family!