Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Here we go.

We have lived in this new house for all of three days. Apparently, since we moved in, the guy across and down the street has been complaining to anyone and everyone who will listen about our dogs. Finally, esposo tried this afternoon to be nice, say hello, and the first words out of this asshole's mouth were, What's up with all those dogs? Esposo said, I don't know, what's up with them? Asshole: They're too loud, they bark all day and night. They absolutely do not bark all day and night; the first night, it's true, they did bark a bit, but they were getting used to the new neighborhood. Last night they didn't bark at all. I was really impressed with them. For nine dogs, that's a feat, I think. Yet the jackass had to bitch anyway. They do bark when another dog walks by (what dog wouldn't).

Anyway. He pisses me off. I really, really hope he says something to me one of these days, because I'll probably tell him to fuck right off. We are paying good money to live here, and that includes our dogs. This isn't his personal neighborhood, and there are no regulations as far as I know on the number of dogs one can have. Of course, this jerk is a Gringo; I've never heard a Costa Rican complain about their neighbors. I guess that is one thing that differentiates us from them (though I guess I'm becoming more like them [Costa Ricans] than us [Americans] these days): the "live and let live" attitude. Yep, it can be pretty darn noisy here, with dogs barking, horns beeping, loud music at all hours of the day and night. If you think you're not going to appreciate that, you probably will want to buy yourself a big piece of land away from anyone else, because the fact is that it's just noisier here in general.

Ugh. Maybe he is just one of those people who need something to complain about. He told esposo that our dogs were waking up their baby. And? Baby better get used to noise, is all I have to say. I had a baby here, and if you don't totally and completely shelter them in a padded room, they'll just get used to it and sleep through anything. Personally, I'd rather have a baby who slept through anything than one that wakes up every time you drop a pin.

Eh, fuck it. I just had to get that out of my system.

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  1. Eff him!!!
    You want me I should come down there and show him what respect is all about? I still have those Docs you gave me all those years ago.. ;)


    Dude, seriously my mom used to vacuum UNDER my crib when I was a baby, now I sleep thru ANYTHING (just ask Brap, he can be playing music or a game with the volume at normal, for studio speakers, and I don't budge)