Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In which I offer up proof...

...that I am not quite as fat as I think I am. We still haven't unpacked all of our boxes, and we have no working washing machine, so between washing clothes in the sink (about one load a day of that nonsense is all I can handle) and trying to find something to wear in one of the many boxes, I don't have all that many clean clothes right now. I was digging through a box of esposo's clothes this morning looking for some jeans I could steal borrow, and came across an old softball jersey I had in sixth grade. I looked and it, wondering why my mother would send a shirt so big when my son won't be able to fit into it for at least eight years or so. Then I realized that I have some shirts that are smaller than it is, so maybe I should try it on. And voila! It fits! Ok, it fits a bit tightly, especially in the chest area (I guess 6th graders don't generally come with big mom boobs), but with the right pair of jeans it could work. Only thing is that it's bright (as in neon) orange. I'm really liking it, though. And especially the fact that I can still fit into it after all these years.

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