Monday, November 24, 2008

The Saturday sale

Saturday was the Women's Club bazaar at Country Day School. Normally, I go crazy buying books, because it has traditionally been the best place to get books in English on the cheap. This year, not so much (though I still left with a box of 15 books for less than $10, most of those hardbacks). The kids' books were slim pickings, and I guess I've come to rely so much on sites like Bookmooch for my used books, that there just weren't many things I wanted. Is my love affair with the WCCR book sale over? Sigh. It might be, indeed, time to say goodbye. Or at least budget my affections and wallet a little more in the future.

I did pick up a couple of other things, including a really neat print by an artist I've never heard of in a rather ugly frame. Two of my friends had also passed by the print and thought about picking it up, but I figured for $5 and the cost of a new frame, you can't really go wrong. Plus the world needs more art in it. And I got a small jacket that doesn't fit because I went apeshit over the linen print fabric. I'm planning on taking it apart and making a scarf out of it.

The food court was great; several area restaurants bring samples of their yummy things for $1 or $2. We partook of the vegetarian dim sum and egg rolls from Don Wang, and eggplant caviar, hummus, and dolmas from the Casa del Moro (which we really have to try one of these nights). Son had some pizza, but threw in the towel on his second slice when his friend H. brought a big bowl of TCBY with all the toppings to share with him.

The kids played on the playground for a little while, until the guard kicked them out, because, you know, "those kids" might "ruin" the "new" playground equipment. Sheesh. Give me a freaking break. Ok, let's let them run wild in the auditorium around all the sale tables instead! Ooh, which reminds me, I finally bought some earrings to match a necklace I'd bought from Hazel a year and so ago. She makes the most amazing glass jewelery; if you ever saw her stuff, you'd know it was hers! Very distinct. It's my favorite necklace, and now I have earrings to match. Yay! And Hazel is so sweet; I had broken the clasp on my necklace, which she noticed immediately, making me take it off so she could fix it right there. (I actually had to go over to her house one day to get a replacement piece of glass for the first time I'd broken it -- lesson to me, never drop a glass necklace on a tile floor.) And I met a dog groomer who was really sweet. I'm going to take Madeline to her soon.

And I can't remember if I told you this particular story, but at the same place I bought my favorite necklace from Hazel, I also bought a handmade, extra-large coffee mug for esposo (who loves his morning, afternoon, and evening coffee). Someone broke the mug, and all that remained of it was a suspicious part of the handle I discovered hiding under the living room couch. We never did find out who broke the mug and threw it away without mentioning it, but I, at least, have my suspicions. Anyway. The mug-maker was there on Saturday; I saw him on the way out, but had spent all of my money by then. Poo.

And that's that until next year. I used to belong to the Women's Club, years ago, but between moving and having a child I didn't really have the time to travel to meetings. Still, many of the women there remember me, esposo, and our son. That sense of community is something I really need in my life, with or without the book sale.

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