Saturday, February 09, 2008

Another good thing

I believe I forgot to mention this one in my short list of what is good about Costa Rica, but the weather is quite nice here almost all year round. That's definitely a good thing. It gets a bit warmer in the summer months (right now my Weather Bug says it's 77F outside, though normally the summer feels like upper 80s/lower 90s), and it does tend to rain a lot during the rainy season, but overall the weather here is better than anywhere else I've been (including that one time Mom and I went to Bermuda and left just before a hurricane hit, causing me to fear flying for the rest of my days). To illustrate, here's a photo of what it looks like outside my back door today:

Typical Costa Rica summer weather...

By contrast, my friend Treeza up in The Great White North (aka Wisconsin) sent me this picture yesterday:

...while it is snowing in Wisconsin!

I'm guessing she's not wearing flip-flops in that weather! I would like to be able to go to the snow, but then leave after a day or two. More than that I don't think I could take anymore! In fact, when it gets "down" to the 60s here, I get cold. In the 50s, I'm freezing. I think I would turn into an icicle in weather like this. (Thanks for the pics, T.!) And in case you're wondering, I did grow up in weather like this, in beautiful northeastern Ohio. I can safely say I've had my fill of snow (and northeastern Ohio) for a lifetime.

Also, Treeza points out that I was remiss in not giving props yesterday to Wisconsin, though I am pretty sure she is the only person from that part of the U.S. who actually reads this blog! Woo-hoo! Wisconsin in the house!

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