Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Manders sent me this video. I think it's really special, and yes, I did cry when I saw it (and yes, I admit I cried when I saw the Obama video, too; damn, I do love that man!). Have to say that I do love that aspect of Latino culture -- the hugging, the kissing, the genuineness of touchy-feely society here. I thought it was weird to have to kiss everyone hello and goodbye when I first moved here; now, I think it's weird and awkward if you don't. Today was son's playgroup day, and it was so great to see my friends there after a couple of months of not (since the HH was gone and I had no car at all). Hugs and kisses all around. That makes you feel so good. You can see it on the faces of the people who hug in the video; they're just happy. How can you get a hug and not be happy? Ok, unless it's a "this is the last time I'll see you for a very long time" hug, those can be sad.

It's Valentine's Day. Go hug someone.


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  1. *hug*
    from your hairless sistah from another mistah...