Thursday, February 14, 2008

Speaking of thieves

This website had the nerve, nay, the audacity, the absolute and utter outright balls, to reprint many, many stories from the magazine of which I am editor without asking, paying, or giving credit. Several of them, in fact, are mine, such as this one and this one. I'm so pissed right now I can barely see straight. As someone who, like all of my writers, makes a living from what I write, to not only have your work copied and republished illegally but also without even giving you credit, as if these complete idiots could possibly string two words together coherently, makes me absolutely furious! But fear not, dear readers, my boss is a lawyer and working on this "issue" right now. Go get 'em, Dan... can't wait to see what happens when he's done ripping them a new one!

ETA: They obviously used an OCR and scanner to lift the text directly from the mag, because I can assure you that those typos do not appear in my magazine. Okay, one or two will get through, but not as many as they have. Last night, I checked back on the site and they had just uploaded another one of our stories yesterday(!!), that was only published a couple of weeks ago, the cover story for the current edition, in fact, and in a strange move, actually included the author's name on this one (of course I immediately asked her if she'd given them permission to reprint the story, and of course she said no way Josefina). I would love it if someone out there would do me a favor and ask how they were able to obtain these stories that were published in CRO, and why they don't have the authors' names on them? All innocent-like. Just to see what they say. Putos...


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