Monday, February 04, 2008

It's heeere!

Got me a car today. Yep. I sure did. I am a happy SUV-drivin' girl. I know what you're thinking, but in my own I-really-still-am-an-environmentalist defense, it has a VVT-i engine! I love my new car!

But the gas gage is weird. It has "1/1" for a full tank, and "R" for empty. Maybe Sylli can answer why that is, since she lived in Japan forever for many years? I get the 1/1 = 1, but why not F and E? They seem universally accepted, and the rest of this car has everything else in English (except that you get km/h rather than mph -- and the car is so quiet I was doing 120 on the highway and still thought I was driving too slow! Eek!).

Ok, so other than the weird gas gage, everything else about it is totally cool. No more HH. I think a new stage of my life is being ushered in. Jeez, I hope I'm not having a mid-life crisis or something!


  1. YAE!!!
    Does the new Auto have a name as of yet???

  2. Not yet, but I'm open to suggestions!

  3. I think it just has to come to you... for example our "new" car Bob..for a while we were calling him Dave but it just didn't feel like the right name then one day Bob popped into my head (as in Old Fat Bob, aka Robert Smith) and hence his name.