Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Doing the math

Yesterday we ran all over San Jose doing a million and one things that needed to be done, now that we (again) have a car. A great car. Did I mention that I love my car? I think I did. Before we left Grecia, we put 10,000 in the tank, which is about $20 and filled up the tank halfway. That's also equal to about 16 liters of gas, or a little over 4.15 gallons. Yes, you in the U.S., if you think your gas prices are bad, how about paying around $4.80 per gallon?

Anyway, we went from Grecia to Ciudad Colon, then all the way across San Jose to San Pedro, then to Alajuela, and took the back road back to Puente Piedra. And how much gas do I have left in my car? About 1/4 of a tank! Which means my new car spent about two gallons of gas doing all that running around. The HH would have used up the entire 16 liters and we probably would have had to put more gas in before heading home. Did I mention that I love my car?

Oh, here's something else. I noticed when we got home that there was a big scratch on the bottom of the driver's side door that wasn't there when we put the down payment down on the car. Luckily, I had taken pictures of the car when it was sitting in the lot. When we got home with it the first night, esposo took more pictures of the scratch, and then sent them, along with the old pictures of the car in the lot sans scratch, to the dealership (Vetrasa, in case you wanted to know). Without the pictures, they may not have agreed to fix the scratch for free, but since I had them, they didn't have much choice. A lesson! In Costa Rica, as Amy and I were discussing yesterday, it's always best to cover your behind, whether it's having receipts or photos or whatever. I only wish I had written down the mileage when we put the down payment down, which I neglected to do, because I would like to know 1) how it got that giant scratch when it was supposed to be just sitting in a lot, and 2) who was taking a joy ride in my car!


  1. Yes... but... 1 (US) Galon is 3.78 Liter, so let's say 1 liter in CR cost 550 which is about $1.1 and therfore a Gallon will cost $4.16 (and not $4.80)

  2. Ok, math is obviously not my strong point... and I'm sick with a head cold... so I'll have to get back to you on this one! :-)

  3. Ok. Actually I use super, which by RECOPE's price list is now at 565 per liter, or 1.13 per liter/4.28 per gallon. So yes, I was off by about .50/gallon (obviously!), but it's still pretty high compared to the U.S.

    Ugh. Math. This is why I'm a writer, not a mathematician!