Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cold mountain

I was feeling really homesick for California and my friends to the point of being depressed yesterday, so esposo decided the thing to do was get out of the house. It helped. I still miss my friends and my beautiful California, though. Unfortunately, Prozac is one of the few controlled substances you have to actually go to a doctor and have prescribed here (unlike most medications), so unless I can find a good English-speaking shrink, I'll have to find other ways to get myself out of this funk. Part of it, too, is that we now live much further than before from our friends in Santa Ana and Escazu, so it takes a good half hour or so to get there. Which is stupid, because when I lived in California it took me at least half an hour just to get to work! Maybe now that I have a car things will look up. I sure do like driving it!

Well, anyway, didn't mean to bring the mood down! The little day trip was great. We had lunch at the hotel, son got pizza all over the floor, and we checked out the organic garden (which is doing beautifully, I must say) and some trails. I have to admit, I'm sure glad we decided against living in Bajos del Toro, because there is just nothing up there at all. If I thought Grecia was boring, jeez, it's like New York City compared to Bajos del Toro! Here are some pics from yesterday.

Wild blackberries. Not ripe yet, but delicious when they are almost black.

A little fern growing in the middle of a dirt path.

Son and esposo walking on a trail at El Silencio. You can tell by the warm jackets that it's cold in them thar hills!

We visited this river, the Rio Desague (Gutter River, about five minutes from the hotel), because Poas Volcano had erupted the day prior and changed the color of this river to bright blue. The river empties directly from the volcano.

You can see the color of the river a little better in this shot. I don't know exactly how far up the bridge was from the river, but I'd say pretty far! Enough to make me nauseated looking down at it. What's interesting to see in this picture is how the water from the volcano has bleached the rocks below the water level so that they are nearly white. Cool, huh?

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