Sunday, October 28, 2007

As moving day approaches

I've been sitting on the porch out back, enjoying the last hours of our time in this house. It's a beautiful, though HOT, day, and that means the birds and butterflies are out in force. One of the plants that esposo stuck in the ground when we first moved in here in February is now a huge flowering bush that the hummers and butterflies just go crazy over. I will miss them. And my other feathered friends -- my many, many swallows that live in the little nooks and crannies around the house, my great kiskadee and his new girlfriend, who both come to the porch now to steal dog food. I'll miss them, too. Not to mention my human friends who live in town, Amy, J. always riding her bike around town, E. and M. and the chickens, who we never get to see enough of, even los viejitos, among many others... it is a really, really small town (a lot like living in Pacific Grove, CA, once upon a time), where you see someone you know every time you go out of your house. (Which, really, can be claustrophobic after a while, and I think esposo is not going to miss living here as much as I will.) Today, I would like to walk a few blocks to the farmacia, pick up more Benadryl (thanks, Amy, for the tip!), stop off at the ice cream place for the last time. These are things I probably won't be able to do in our new town, which doesn't even have a supermarket within walking distance (currently, we can walk two blocks to Super Mora).

It is a time for a change. I'm actually looking quite forward to the move, the new house, the new life, lest you think I'm not. I still have so much packing to do, and I'm battling a chest cold that has pretty much knocked me out for the past few days. Esposo is so much better at packing. Most of the rest of the house is packed, save for my sewing room and my office (which is TONS of stuff, actually). Since there are no closets in the new house, we've been purging quite a bit, donating three big bags full of clothes and another big box of kitchen stuff to the Red Cross, who will see that it goes to those who have lost everything in the recent floods. We have so much "stuff," it's ridiculous. Feels good to purge. How we are ever going to leave this country, I have no idea...

Ok, back to packing.

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  1. I admire you so much. You always have so much to do, and yet you always get it done. And the moving! It takes so much work, yet you do it with such good cheer.