Friday, October 12, 2007

Tomorrow, tomorrow

Tomorrow we are off to look at two houses in the Grecia area. One seems very promising: it's a 2-year old house of 2,000+ square feet, 2B/2B with 3-car garage (which the Haunted Hyundai and I surely don't need), plus another 3,000 square feet of yard for $700. The other is a smaller place, 3B/2B, actually in downtown Grecia, but no parking at all and a smaller yard for $500. I'm hoping the first works out because we're running out of time here. We've even decided to give some of our furniture away; our dining room table, solid wood that was once beautiful before the cats discovered it (that being the day we brought it home), now looks like a giant scratching pad and I'm hoping my friend H. will take it. Her husband and his father are master woodworkers, so I know they will be able to restore it beautifully. Actually H.'s mother- and father-in-law bought an old couch and chairs set we had at the cafe, refurnished them, and now they look amazing. So, in order to get rid of a dining room set, the house needs to at least have a breakfast bar. Breakfast seems to be the only meal we eat at the table, which is otherwise occupied by piles of books, bags, magazines, and other various and sundry objects, but not usually food.

We'll also be stopping at my father-in-law's, to see how he's doing and to pick up a couple of kittens for another friend, M., who used to run the first no-kill shelter in the country (and that is how we first met her). M. thinks she is only adopting one kitten, but there are only two that have survived, and I am going to attempt to talk her into taking both. I know, I am evil. But really, how many people can resist the cuteness of a baby kitten? Don't tell esposo (and hopefully he won't read this until tomorrow evening), but if M. really really doesn't want the other one, I would like to keep him. He reminds me of my cat Morrison James, AKA Bug and/or Mo, when I first got him. An adorable little gray tabby. I thought the kittens were fairly feral, but apparently they are now coming into FIL's house to eat their food, which is a very good sign that they can eventually become nice housecats.

Costa Ricans, for some reason, do not generally care for cats very much. Actually they're not that big on pets at all. Plus, most people do not get their cats fixed and let them roam around the neighborhood, breeding like crazy. So there are kittens everywhere, though they usually don't live very long. My FIL is the worst, but I'll give him this much, at least he really does love his cats! I would like to also take the adult female he has and have her spayed this week, since our wonderful vet charges very little for the procedure. I don't know how difficult she will be to handle, though. I may have to head over to Alley Cat Allies for some suggestions.

Wish me luck, on both counts. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

P.S. I found a deal on a new Suzuki Grand Vitara today, and esposo agreed that it sounded great. We will be paying it off for the rest of our natural-born lives, but damnit if I am going to drive the Haunted Hyundai forever. HH, your days are numbered! Muahahaha...

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