Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bucket of cat poo, anyone?

Another oddity of this town: people are always going through your garbage. The other day, in anticipation of our big move, I threw away about a lawn-sized garbage bag full of old videotapes, most of them too moldy to play in a VCR. I saw a guy hauling the bag away, and though I tried to explain they were total trash and not usable, he didn't seem to understand me, so I had to ask esposo to tell him to put the trash back.

This morning I saw two women trying to decide whether or not to haul away a bucket of cat crap. Let me back up. We buy the cat litter in the big bucket size from PriceSmart, as they are the only ones in the country who carry clumping cat litter. Then, we dump the clumped litter (aka waste) back in an empty bucket, which is later taped shut and set by the curb to be hauled away as trash. Last week, esposo set out two buckets that were gone by mid-day; however, the garbage picker-uppers had not yet been by. So I guess someone just wanted the buckets, but after they opened them and realized there was cat poo inside, I can't imagine them wanting to keep said buckets. Now this morning, I hear the littles barking in front, go out to see what the deal is, and two ladies are trying to determine what, exactly, is in the bucket. Never mind that there is a big picture of a cat using a litter box on the front. One of the ladies was going to attempt to untape the bucket, at which point I asked if they were looking for something, they sort of mumbled and put the bucket back. Then they tried to sell me some towels.

I will be glad when we move.

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