Friday, October 19, 2007

Don't look down

When I lived in California, I also lived in my Doc Marten's. Those shoes were the most comfortable things I'd ever owned in my life, and it showed, as I wore them pretty much every single day for about ten years. By the time I got to Costa Rica, they had all but given up the ghost, and were really too hot to wear here anyway. And thus, I became the Queen of the Flip-Flops. Beaded flip-flops, simple flip-flops, platform flip-flops, I live in them. This type of behavior can wreak havoc on your feet, particularly your toes and toenails. Quite frankly, after several years of nothing but flip-flops, my feet were, well, disgusting, actually. One day it dawned on me, after seeing my friend M. wearing flip-flops with well-manicured toes, I should break down and get a pedicure. I was, at first, embarrassed to do so, because you know, my feet looked awful. But as I sat reading Cosmo in Spanish for the umpteenth time waiting for esposo and son to finish getting their hair cut, I thought, why not? I asked the lady at Wendy's if she had time, she did, and that was the beginning of the end. If you've never had a pedicure, it's really a luxurious experience. Not only do your toenails get cleaned, buffed and polished, but you get a nice little foot massage, and a sanding of your feet's calloused regions. I had never felt so pampered. And glamorous.

Yesterday was haircut day for esposo and son again (esposo made the mistake of trying to cut son's hair; there will come a day when he notices what a bad job Dad does!), so I got my second pedicure ever. I have to say, big props to Angelica over at Wendy's Hair Studio in Escazu, whom I must highly recommend. She was even better than the last pedicurist, and my toes look so good, I think I need a new pair of shoes to go with them!

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