Friday, October 05, 2007

Do you know the way?

Today we spent most of the day in San Jose. I wanted to go fabric shopping for some new stash, which you can read all about on my quilty blog. Otherwise, we took a couple of pictures just driving around that I thought you might enjoy. Yes, we carry our little digital camera with us everywhere, because (1) I'm in the publishing business and you never know when something newsworthy will cross your path, and (2) it's just plain fun to take pictures of random, weird things. Originally, we (esposo and I) thought Asi es Costa Rica would be a photo gallery/blog/website dedicated to showing weird photos of life in Costa Rica. It has "evolved" somewhat since the early beginnings. I think...

This is a "bumper" sort of attached to a car next to us at a stoplight. I can't believe this person is actually driving this thing around. That can't be anywhere near safe. And? The fact that the car is called a "Cielo" (Heaven or Sky, depending on how you care to interpret it) is pretty funny/ironic. Wishful thinking, I guess. You're going to need Heaven if you keep driving like that, buddy!

Check out the shoes hanging from the telephone/electrical wire up there. There must have been like 20-30 pairs up there, and a doll (who appears to be holding a tiny jump rope), which you can sort of see in the middle of the photo. You see the shoes tied together and thrown over electrical lines here all the time, but I've never seen so many in one place. And certainly not with a doll. It's weird.

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