Saturday, November 03, 2007

Beware: Gas station scam

Watch out for this one: You pull into a station, tell the guy to put 10,000 (or whatever amount) in the tank, assume he's done what you asked for, give him the 10,000, and take off. Only you later realize he hasn't put barely anything in (because your tank is still just off empty), or you take a quick peek at the pump and it only reads 8,000 (which is what happened to us in Grecia a couple of days ago -- I'll get the name of the station and post it later). Luckily, esposo saw that he'd shorted us a couple of thousand and told him so, so he had to fill it up, being Costa Rican, as he was, making excuses the whole time. "Oh, gee, I didn't notice, sorry about that..." Yeah, right. Sorry you didn't get to pocket the extra $4. So check that the pump is on 0 when you go to get your gas (another scam is that they use a pump that already has a few thousand on it, don't zero it out, and you get shorted that way -- the Shell station in Escazu that got blown up was famous for that), and make sure they put in the amount you asked for. And then get your gas at a station that's reputable, especially near where you live. After all, gas costs the same in this country no matter where you buy it, so make sure you're getting what you pay for.

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