Friday, November 02, 2007

Ripe with photo ops

San Jose is just ripe with photo opportunities. The following, for instance, taken yesterday as we drove around doing errands. Ok, yes, some people may think you're crazy for taking pictures of them pushing their broken down mobile, but I say, who cares? Take your camera everywhere, you never know what you might find.

Here's a gigantic hole that covers most of the width of the street just down from Interlink, where we get our U.S. mail. Nice, huh? You could lose a small car in there. Definitely a bicycle or a young child.

Here's a fella in nothing but shorts and sunglasses being taken from the paddy wagon to the police station that's just kitty-corner to the Interlink office. Esposo says the guy was probably drunk.

Heading out of beautiful Cinco Esquinas and into La Uruca to get back on the highway toward Alajuela, we saw these poor guys pushing their brokedown ride during work traffic in the rain. That had to suck. (And do my eyes deceive me, or is that another Haunted Hyundai?!?)

When I worked as a schmuck on the morning news, we always ended the newscast with an upbeat story so that people could try to forget we'd fed them a load of shit for the previous 29 minutes. Here is that upbeat photo, then: my cat Boris, who finally came out of hiding and is now enjoying the new palace.

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  1. Sorry sista! It's a Toyota Tercel, just as bad though!