Sunday, November 11, 2007

Okra and Friends

I found okra at AutoMercado the other day. Real, fresh okra. I had to tell Amy, who I know loves okra, probably even more than I do. I made vegan gumbo with it, and it was sooooo freakin' good, I ate way more gumbo than I should have! If you want the recipe, let me know. It's actually really easy to make. In Spanish, okra is called quingombo (yeah, I probably spelled that wrong!), which sounds a lot like King Gumbo. If you think okra is slimy and disgusting, you've probably never had the fresh stuff or you've overcooked it.

Fresh okra makes a mighty fine King Gumbo!

In other news, here are a couple more pictures of our never-ending trail of house guests.

This little big gecko was in son's bathroom, probably hiding from Kiki the Terrible.

Here's a little possum that was probably trying to get to his house in the big fig tree behind our house, when the dogs ambushed him into the razor wire on top of the fence. He was fine, though, didn't get cut or anything, and was gone as soon as I turned off the porch lights.

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