Friday, November 02, 2007

The new house

We've moved in, mostly. Boxes are yet to be unpacked (but getting there); the piles of clothes that need washing seem endless. But I like this house. I like the quiet (except for that asinine dog o'mine, Cheska, who barks at anything and everything the first week or so in a new house). I like the room. Even the lack of closets doesn't seem as big a deal as I thought it would be.

We actually had someone already living in the house when we moved in. A little bat of a species I haven't been able to identify was flying all over the place. We think it must have gotten in one day when they were airing out the house, and then couldn't find a way out. While esposo and I were trying to figure out a way to humanely catch the bat and release it outside, Kiki caught it and esposo had to get the tiny thing out of her clutches. We put the bat in a cat carrier with a baby blanket last night, and left the door open, and when it had flown out and roosted in a rafter, we thought it was going to be okay. But then this morning I noticed it was barely hanging on to life; its wing was damaged and it could only hold on by one foot. I put it back in the baby blanket and covered it up, and a few hours later it had crossed over the rainbow bridge. Poor baby. It was really a sweet little thing. I feel so sad. I wish we could have done something for it, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

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