Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Big Lizards in My Backyard

(Thanks to the Dead Milkmen for that title. I'm showing my age.) Today esposo managed to get a shot of one of the iguanas that inhabits the area in, around, and on top of our house:

It was hanging out on the roof, making the dogs go crazy. When I saw it, I thought, huh, that's not nearly as big as I thought it was. So esposo took some pictures, it took off, and I went back to work.

Then I heard The Littles going nuts again, and looked out of my office window. What I thought was a giant shadow on the back wall was actually a much bigger iguana, crawling about halfway up the stone wall, sort of staring at the dogs and not really in any hurry to go anywhere. As compared to the first one, it was HUGE and almost completely black, with nice cream-colored spikes on its back. It's beautiful. We chased the dogs away, esposo went to get the camera again, but then the iguana thought better of hanging out on a wall all day and took off down the drain hole. So, since I don't have a good photo of him yet, here's one I borrowed from Wikipedia, only our iguana is a lot darker.

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