Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm back!

Didya miss me? Yeah, yeah, you probably didn't even realize I'd dropped out of cyberspace for a few days. We've moved into the new house, and Amnet came and hooked up the digital cable and cable modem. Since three other families were stealing sharing our cable at the last house, we weren't able to get digital there, and I missed it, even though I don't watch t.v. all that much. Ok, I admit it: I like the Christmas music on DMX! There, are you happy?

I am happy. The cable modem is three times faster than the ADSL provided by the ICE, so if you're considering whether to get one over the other, I'd go with cable. Although I had nothing but trouble from the Cable Tica service, honestly. I'd go with AMNET cable if there is a choice. One thing I'm not too happy about is that they insisted we get a "new" modem (rent it monthly, of course) because it was upgraded and blah blah blah... well it turns out it's the exact same cable modem I already bought from Ament a few years ago. I'm gonna have to fuss about that on Monday. Or esposo will. Probably the latter.

I have other things to tell you, but I'll post them separately. In the meantime, here's some good news: my rangers in Virunga National Park over in the DNC are going to be on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper! Woo-hoo! Hopefully that will get them the financial and political support they need to save these last remaining mountain gorillas. (And I did write Mr. Cooper suggesting he do a story on the rangers, though I'm sure a lot of others did, too.)

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