Tuesday, June 10, 2008

80s y Mas

Ever wonder what happened to all of those videos from the 1980s? Wonder no more. They have found a home here in Costa Rica. Every Sunday night from 8-10 on VM Latino (channel 29 on Amnet cable), you can have the "pleasure" of watching the show "80s y Mas." As for us, we try not to miss it. At our house, the scene is something out of Beavis and Butthead meets MST3K. It's hard not to vie for one-upmanship while watching crappy videos: alternate lyrics, what the hell the directors were possibly thinking, etc. If you missed the show last Sunday, here are some of the videos to whet your appetite for next week.

This was the first one we saw when we turned the show on. I think this video probably is a big, big contender for worst video ever made. And for worst song ever. Neither of us had ever heard it. What is she doing? Is that dancing? Oh, dear God. It's so bad, I hesitate to bring it to you. But you know I must. Because I love you all so. And you know you want to click that "play" button...

I didn't actually know who this girl was until I searched YouTube for this video. Isn't Vanessa Paradis the girl who's been Johnny Depp's longtime lover? All I can say is, thank God she grew out of this phase!

Come to think of it, maybe this next video is the contender for the worst video ever. Take a guy who's so arrogant that he not only clones himself twice, but has nothing else in the video but himself (oh, I mean himself and a cane), and some really stupid lyrics, and hey! you've got a shitty video.

For this next video, I need to admit, in the interest of full disclosure, that I actually liked the Thompson Twins back in the day. Now that I see this video, I just have to ask: What the hell were they thinking? What the hell was I thinking?

Here is your last 80s y Mas video of the day. KC minus the Sunshine Band. Take a freaky little girl, a bunch of freaks in a house, a completely undefined plot line, stupid lyrics, and hey! you've got a shitty music video!

As much as I want this post to end (and I know you do, too!), I just remembered another crappy video from last Sunday's show. Here's one where it's all about the singer, and I do mean all about her. From various angles. And absolutely no plot/story whatsoever. Gag. She really must have thought she was the bomb.

And just so you don't forget, VM Latino every Sunday from 8-10! I'm like a freaking promo! You! Must! Watch!


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