Saturday, June 28, 2008

This is the hard part

Last night esposo and I attended a going-away party for some good friends. This is the hard part of living abroad in Costa Rica, perhaps living abroad in any country, really -- many of your "Gringo" friends are probably going to leave at some point.

We met A. and E. through our son's playgroup. A. and I joined about the same time; her son and ours are almost the same age. The boys were about six months old when we started going to playgroup, and I remember A.'s son E. pretty much slept through the first several playgroups! He'd always seem to fall asleep on the ride over to wherever it was being held that week. That was three years ago, and A. and I got to be friends over the years. The boys are no longer babies; they're big boys. Where does time go? I was telling esposo last night on the way home that A. and E. are like magnets -- they just have a knack for attracting great people. It was quite a nice group that had gathered last night to say goodbye/hasta luego/au revoir. The last thing we did before leaving last night was dance to some 80s tunes; fun, silly, and a good way to remember good friends.

A. and E. and their three fantastic kids are off to another adventure, and we of course wish them all the best on their journey and in life!

On a side note: One thing I've come to love about our little playgroup is that the core group of people who go most every week have become more than just other moms and dads -- they are real and true friends, and honestly, they've saved my sanity on more than one occasion. It hasn't been easy for me to make friends here with Tico/as (and those who know me would probably be surprised to hear me say that), and at the time I "discovered" playgroup I was ready to pack my bags and leave. Now I'm in no great rush. Though I know someday, we will be the ones having the goodbye party and leaving all of this. Still, like my dear friends in California, whom I haven't seen in years, I know that we'll always be friends, and that in itself is a comfort. A reason to travel wherever life takes them.


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