Thursday, June 19, 2008

The List

I recently was contacted by an old friend that I haven't seen in years, maybe ten years, via Facebook. That is the greatest thing about Facebook, being able to find people that you haven't been able to contact otherwise, because you lost their e-mail or you moved or your laptop was stolen (yes, all of the previous happened to me when I first moved to Costa Rica!). It's nice just to be able to see what people are up to, and to be able to let people know what you're up to, etc. On the other hand, the sketchy thing about Facebook is being found by people you'd rather not find you, such as my "friends" from the 'hood that I hung with in high school, or the stalker who keeps bothering esposo. But then again, you can always choose to ignore those "friend" requests. Ignore, ignore, IGNORE, I said!

Anyway. This other friend I was talking about, he also moved halfway around the world (literally!), and it was nice to hear from him. We both used to work at the same company and also used to spin tracks at the same radio station (which has now become a totally sucky NPR station -- bleh!). For some reason, I had the idea to Google myself and the name of my show and see if anyone out there actually remembered it, other than me and the people I can count on both hands... ok, one hand... And the only hit I got (hey, this was back in 1998 that I did my last show, give a girl a break!), was from Steve Koepke's The List. For those outside of my lessfewer-than-ten listeners circle, my show was a mix of mostly punk rock, some ska, and even some Latino rock/hardcore when I felt like it. I loved doing my show, even though I was on late at night (all of the "hardcore"/"different" shows got relegated to the hours of much darkness). The List was the source for info on punk and hardcore shows in the central coast. Every week, I'd get a copy of The List (text only, because you know, this was back in the good old days when you couldn't actually get HTML e-mail), pick out the shows I wanted to highlight, and let my listeners know what was coming up. Amazingly, after all these years, The List is still up and going strong, and still in text format! Gotta love it. That's punk. Steve, he's more punk than me! ha ha... If you're in the Bay Area and into the punk scene, signing up for The List is a must do.

One thing that surprised me, though, is that in my last listing on The List (that's me, Attitude Check with Raven at the bottom under Radio Shows; my friends Sid and Melissa were on there, too), there were far more punk-related shows on the air than there are now. Bummer.

P.S. One of the funny things I remembered about my show is that when I first got started on the air, I did a show with a friend of mine from Sunday mornings midnight to (I think) 5:00 a.m. Yeah, we're talking "Big Gulp-sized cups of coffee" nights. The show on after ours was a gospel show, and she'd always start off by saying, "Come out of the darkeness, and into the light..." and I'd be so insulted, as though we were the darkeness of which she spoke! Even though I knew she was being literal and not metaphorical... then again... And? I had the longest-running late-night show on that station ever. I'm quite proud of that fact! So I guess someone was listening, after all.


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