Saturday, June 07, 2008

When lighting strikes

I've been saying for a while (to esposo mostly) that I like how, when a storm is coming or when it rains, you can look out of our living room sliding doors and see what's coming in the valley below us. After today, I am thinking that being one of the few houses on the edge of a valley isn't such a great thing after all, as lightning struck the house this afternoon. I saw sparks flying out of the power strip that we have on the t.v./stereo setup (lesson: keep your electronics on a surge protector!), which is something I've never experienced before. Son was in his room, and right after this happened, I heard him screaming, so I thought he was hurt, but it turned out he saw sparks coming out of his outlets also. "There's lightning in my room!" He was fine, and in fact the power bars really did their jobs, as none of the electronics were affected in the least (save for a slight blip on the t.v. during the fireworks show).

This is just the start of rainy season, and I'm not really looking forward to this kind of thing happening too often.


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