Friday, December 14, 2007

Everyone wants their Christmas bonus

Today we were over in San Jose picking up mail at Interlink, and then I decided to go over to San Pedro for some fabric shopping at my favorite store, KG Quilts. More on that at my quilty blog later. Since it takes a good 45 minutes to an hour to get to San Jose from our house, we decided to have lunch at esposo's old cafe in San Pedro before heading home. If you park around the University, you have to buy parking tickets, otherwise you will end up with a big fat parking ticket. So these unofficial parking attendant guys, known here as the "guachimans" (say it like, "gwatchy-mans," because they gwatches your car for you, you know), sell parking tickets at double their actual cost. Or more. I think probably more. Because you're paying for their "service" of watching your car while you eat lunch or shop or whatever. I got a one-hour ticket, because you never know how long you'll actually be somewhere, and better to put more money in the meter than have it run out two minutes before you got that $10 ticket, right? After we finished our yum-yummy lunch, I went to pay the guachi and he was nowhere to be found. Got son in the car, got ready to go, and finally he appeared, mumbling something about a little extra for his aguinaldo, or Christmas bonus. I was like, are you kidding? I'm supposed to give the guachi a Christmas bonus? I figured what the hell, and dropped him a few more coins. So there you go. Everyone wants their little extra action this time of year, I guess.

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