Thursday, December 20, 2007

Slavery is alive and well

The world over, for sure, but also in the good old U.S. of A. Read this article:

Three Florida fruit-pickers, held captive and brutalised by their employer for more than a year, finally broke free of their bonds by punching their way through the ventilator hatch of the van in which they were imprisoned. Once outside, they dashed for freedom. Read more...

Then, boycott Burger King and Whole Foods for refusing to pay a penny more per pound of slave-picked tomatoes. And let them know why. You can contact Whole Foods via web form, but for Burger King you'll need to write or call the old fashioned way. Then, just for fun, why not contact Lou Dobbs, who has made himself famous for his anti-immigration views, and ask him why he's not covering this story? And if you're really ambitious, contact your representatives and demand that they stand up for the rights of those who have none.

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