Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pre-Christmas parking a-holes

I took these photos with my cell phone a few days before Christmas at the AutoMercado in Santa Ana. This parking lot is a magnet for people who 1) drive SUVs that never see mud and 2) don't have a clue how to park them. For instance, in this first shot, you can see that the car on the left was parked in asshole fashion over the white line, and then two more cars pulled in next to it, figuring, I guess, that they didn't need to park properly, either. Because, it being the week before Christmas, there really wasn't anyone shopping for groceries that week...

Then, I came back out to find the first asshole parker still there, but the other two cars had gone, and two more asshole parkers had come in their place!

Really, every single time I go here it is a parking nightmare. But they have good food. And I like Giacomin on the corner. So I keep going back. Don't forget to visit your friendly neighborhood "You Park Like an Asshole" group on Flickr or website for more great photos! Upload your own! Out the bad parkers! Hand out tickets! They deserve it!


  1. I would swear that you took pictures of the parking lot outside my office... We have 8 SUV drivers that ALL park the same way (if not worse!).. why oh why???

  2. Oh girl, so SO need to take photos and send them to the site! For real!

  3. Even Brap agrees... he needed the car today and took me in.. the FIRST thing he noticed when pulling into the lot was how many SUV's there are (as in Suburbans, Escalades and the like) and how poorly they all park. Granted we don't have a teeny tiny car (Ford Taurus) but I CAN and do park it in Compact spaces when I can (It acutally fits perfectly in the spaces at Tarjay!) As soon as I get my own camera for random pictureness I WILL start posting there!

  4. That's one of the fun things about having a camera on my cell phone... hee hee... Of course, I'm in the process of buying an SUV, but I can promise you I'll park better than these people! And if not, I'll take a picture of my own @$$hole parking and post it!