Saturday, December 01, 2007

A tasty Grecian surprise

Last night we had dinner for the second time at La Casa de Miguel in downtown Grecia. From the name, you might think that the food is typical Costa Rican (read: boring) "cuisine." It's anything but. They serve a surprising variety of Asian food, focusing on Thai specialties. I know! Thai food in Grecia! It's kind of unbelievable. So far, we seem to prefer the appetizers (which, strangely enough, esposo says Costa Ricans do not typically order at meals. They are missing out). Last night it was Thai rice noodle salad (ala ya wun sen), vegetarian sushi (do you know any other three-year-olds who like sushi? Who are not actually Japanese? I'm starting to think my son is a weirdo. In a good way!), sambal eggplant (sooooo delicious!), summer rolls sans salmon (they're okay; esposo's are better, really), and then a vegetarian sizzling rice platter that we all shared as an entree. Add in a few drinks and the total was around $36. Not bad at all, methinks. In the city, it would probably be closer to $50, maybe more. They've only been open a few months, and the service still needs a lot of work, but the chef is lovely and came out and talked to the other chef (esposo) at length about the food. I'd recommend it, just don't go if you're starving, because you might be waiting a while.

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