Thursday, December 20, 2007

Looks like they made it

The packages arrived after all. Hooray! I swear, though, the post office in Ciudad Colon would probably function better and more efficiently if run by a pack of monkeys. There have been times when I've gone in there, and the woman in charge is attempting to run the fax machine, or putting 10,000 stamps on someone else's pile of mailings, and she doesn't even bother to acknowledge your presence. A "Hi, I'll be with you in a minute" goes a long way. Another time the dumb-as-a-tack guy who works there tried to charge me over 5,000 colones for sending a paperback book to the U.S., when I know for a fact they go for around 1,200. I questioned him about the charge, he was adamant about how much I owed, even showing me the receipt -- when lo and behold there was a charge on there for a package that wasn't mine, for about 3,800. Duh.

So anyway, I had called on Monday to see if the packages had arrived, and d-a-a-t guy said there were two notices in the box, but they were for certified letters. "Certified letters? Are you sure? Because I'm expecting a box, but I don't think anyone is sending me letters." "No, these are definitely for letters, not boxes." So then I got to wondering where the hell my boxes were, because of that "Attempted delivery" message on the USPS tracking number. Finally, esposo called yesterday to the post office in Colon, got the woman, and of course they were boxes, the boxes I've been waiting for and freaking out about, not certified letters. I wish I could Donald Trump that guy's ass ("You're fired!"), but like government jobs all over the world, he'll probably be promoted to supervisor and given a big fat raise. Argh.

At least the boxes are here.

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